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TQB Universal Press & Pull Sleeve Kit 26pce 9024T Pick Up In Store

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This versatile TradeQuip Universal Press and Pull Kit Set includes everything you need to remove and install bushes, bearings and seals. Constructed from heat-treated forged high carbon steel, this durable set is perfect for the removal and installation for Bearing bushes ,Silent bearing ,Hydraulic bearing and Rubber bearing. This units comes in an individually organised carrying case, making it perfect for both the automotive professional or serious DIY enthusiast. The professional "Made for the Trade" 26pce Press and Pull Sleeve Kit has applications across several industries.


  •  20 Sleeves Constructed from heat-treated forged carbon steel
  • Sturdy Blow Mould Case


  • 4 Beams
  • 3 ½” Sleeves
  • 20 Sleeves
  • 11pieces (GOLD) - OD44xID34; OD46xID36; OD54xID44; OD56xID46; OD58xID48; OD66xID56; OD68xID46; OD58xID48; OD66xID56; OD68xID58; OD70xID460; OD78xID68; OD80xID70; OD82xID72
  • 9pieces (SILVER) - OD48xID38; OD40xID30; OD52xID42; OD60xID50; OD62xID52; OD72xID62; OD74xID64; OD76xID66

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