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Workshop Equipment

TQB Borum Bottle Jack Air/Manual 20,000kg BTSJ20TB Pick Up In Store

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This heavy duty 20,000kg Borum Industrial Air/Manual Bottle Jack packs a big punch, providing enough lifting power for use with farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial construction equipment and more. The 2 piece removable handle is long enough to lift the load with ease and also helps to position the jack. Use this workhorse with a 110-125psi rated air pressure supply to lighten the load and provide the fast, strong lifting power you need, or operate it manually for normal operation just about anywhere. The safety overload valve offers extra protection if you load the jack up with too much weight. The safety overload kicks in and gently lowers the load before the operator is put in a dangerous situation.

Our Borum Industrial Quality Air/Manual Bottle Jacks are designed to operate either manually or pneumatically. The manual function allows for normal operation anywhere, even without an air supply.


  • Manufactured of superior-grade steel to exacting standards for quality and durability
  • Industrial quality hydraulic cylinder unit operates at lower oil pressure to raise load, reduce wear and extend service life
  • Precision machined, chrome plated and polished piston-ram
  • CNC machined ports and threads
  • Built-in hydraulic by-pass protection against over pumping damage
  • Versatile "quick connector" design for easy removal of air hose for compact storage or remote operation
  • Compact yet powerful Industrial Quality Air Turbo Motor
  • Lead-free paint is applied to ensure a long-lasting finish and prevent corrosion
  • Paint finish is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup


  • Safe Working Capacity: 20,000kg
  • Minimum Height: 262mm
  • Maximum Height: 504mm
  • Hydraulic Stroke: 163mm
  • Adjustable Screw: 79mm
  • Operating Air Pressure: 110-125psi
  • Air Inlet Fitting: 1/4" x 18NPT
  • Nett Weight: 16kg
  • Gross Weight: 17kg

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