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The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Wheel/Tyre Lifter is characterized by a pair of laterally spaced lifting arms that raise and lower in unison and are so, arranged as to contact the vehicle tyre at two areas on its circumference to raise or lower a wheel/tyre combination for the purpose of removing, transporting, and replacing wheel and tyre combinations. The lifter’s drive screw can be activated by an air or battery-operated impact gun from the top of the unit in a vertical position or through a gear box in a horizontal position if installed. The intent of the lifter is to remove risk of back or other injury to technicians.


  • Braked Swivel Castor
  • Sturdy Frame to safely transport wheel around workshop
  • Adjustable Safety Brace


  • Safe Working Capacity: 50kg
  • Lift Range from Roller Top to Ground: 93 ~ 1078mm
  • Roller Diameter & Length: (D) 76.2 x 240mm
  • Rollers Moving Distance: 125mm 
  • Rollers Push Force: <4kg based on 50kg load
  • Lifting Handle Force: 1kg based on 50kg load
  • Front Castors: 2(D) 75 x 24mm
  • Rear Castor - Locking: 2(D) 75 x 24mm
  • Base: 876(L) x 720(W) x 101.6(H)mm
  • Weight: 51.25kg