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The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" 10,000kg Hydraulic Porta Power Kit is designed to be used for pushing, spreading, and pressing of vehicle body panels as well as various component parts and assemblies. The variety of attachments include a rubber head, flat base, wedge spreader, spreader toe and various extension tubes with a snap lock design for quick and easy assembly. The pump has an automatic overload system to help prevent damage to the pump ram and associated equipment.  The flex head features a permanently moulded rubber pad, interlocked to prevent separation.  The complete kit includes a variety of specially designed auto body, frame repair and construction components for lifting, pushing, bending and spreading.   (Previous models include product code/s; 2005T, PP10T, PROPP10, RLBRK10)


  • Spring loaded ram return system, allowing controlled retraction of the ram
  • Pump may be used in horizontal and vertical position
  • Constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability
  • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Pump has an automatic overload system to help prevent damage to rams and equipment
  • Easily adapts to hoses, rams, pumps, spreaders, and other accessories using common 1/4" fittings
  • Contained in sturdy Plastic Carry Case

Ram Attachments

  • Extensions (5 different lengths) connect in different combinations to reach overall desired job distance.
  • Male Connector connects the female end of the Ram to a Base. 
  • Flat Base is used on the stationary side to spread the force of the Ram for extra safety. 
  • 90° V Base offsets the Ram force when there is limited opportunity of a straight line between the stationary side and the damaged side, or to spread out force on curved surfaces. 
  • Serrated Saddle is fitted on the pushing end to prevent slipping. 
  • Rubber Head is used for popping dents out of sheet metal such as doors or body panels and to minimise damage to work surfaces. 
  • Wedge Head is for repair small dents and areas located in angles and tight spaces. 
  • Ram Toe and Plunger Toe are used together to allow spreading in areas that the Ram cannot fit into.  

       Note: The Ram Toe and Plunger Toe MUST be used together to prevent an off-centre load.


  • Working Capacity: 10,000kg
  • Kit Contents: 14 Pieces containing Pump, Hose and Fittings
  • Ram Length retracted: 322mm
  • Ram Length fully extended: 452mm
  • Extensions: 110, 265, 365, 520mm
  • Adaptor Diameter: 33mm
  • Hydraulic Hose Length: 1500mm
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 650ml
  • Overall Carry Case Dimensions: 905(L) x 385(W) x 175(H) mm
  • Nett Weight: 31kg
  • Gross Weight: 32kg