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The Borum Industrial Hydraulic Giant OTR Tyre/Earthmover Bead Breaker is designed to work on most multi-piece rims 25-51" in diameter with pry bar pockets.  Delivers up to 13,000kg of force with up to 10,000psi to break the toughest beads in seconds. Clamps to the wheel rim and utilises hydraulic pushrod to break the bead.The giant bead breaker works directly on the bead of the tyre and will not damage the tyre if used correctly.

The Borum Giant Bead Breaker is designed to break earthmover tyre beads with multi-piece rims when used with the TradeQuip 2054 10,000 psi air/hydraulic pump. (Sold separately)


  • Economical solution for earthmover wheels 25” – 51” multi-piece rims with pry bar pockets
  • Hydraulically clamps on wheel
  • Design prevents lip kicking out
  • Durable steel construction
  • Lightweight, compact and portable design is safe and easy to use
  • Hydraulic power breaks stubborn beads in seconds


  • Safe Working Capacity: 13,000kg
  • Rated Pressure: 10,000psi
  • Suitable for OTR Earthmover Rim Sizes: 25 - 51" Diameter
  • Pressure Connection: 3/8" - 18NPTF
  • Used on 5-piece rims 635 to 1,295 mm (25'' - 51'') with pry bar / bead loosening pockets
  • Ram Stroke: 105mm (4-1/4'') stroke ram
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 500ml
  • Weight: 13kg

Intended Use

Designed to be used for separating tyres from rims on a large range of tyre and rim combinations on tractors, trucks, buses, earth movers or other similar vehicles. The inner-most surface of the tyre bead creates the air seal between the tyre and rim.