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This Heavy Duty TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Engine Crane has a long stroke lifting ram, a single action pump with a maximum load capacity of 3,000kg. Very simple to use manual hydraulic operation. The jib extends to the desired lifting capacity of 1000kg, 2000kg or 3000kg secured by a single locking pin. Mounted on heavy duty castor wheels for excellent manoeuvrability around the workshop. The lifting range is 0-2500mm so any large engine can be lifted clear out of the engine bay with little effort. With great stability of its wide legs, this crane can also be used to lift machines or other heavy items, making for an excellent piece of equipment for the workshop or warehouse.


  • Industrial grade engine crane
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump
  • Adjustable boom in four positions for lifting
  • Robust steel fabricated legs with structural supports
  • Large castor wheels for easy mobility


  • Safe Working Capacity: 3,000kg
  • Folded Height: 1540mm
  • Maximum Lifting Height @ 3000kg: 1745mm
  • Maximum Lifting Height @ 1000kg: 2088mm
  • Jib Length Fully Retracted @ 3000kg: 1100mm
  • Jib Length Fully Extended @ 1000kg: 1730mm
  • Overall Length Fully Extended: 2385mm
  • Overall Length Fully Retracted: 1480mm
  • Overall Width Fully Extended: 875mm
  • Overall Width Fully Retracted: 785mm
  • Leg Height 190mm
  • Nett Weight: 121.5kg

 Intended Use

For regular professional use, to raise and/or lower diesel engines and transmissions during service or repair work.