Toledo Filler/Extraction Syringe For Adblue 1.5L 305402

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• Specialty syringe designed for AdBlue® filling and extraction
• Manufactured from materials resistant to urea based fluids
• Open/close twist valve is easy to use and prevents overfilling and spillage
• Safe and efficient way to handle AdBlue® and features an anti-roll bar on main body to stabilise syringe when not in use
• Large double seal diameter plunger provides quick and efficient action
• Transparent body with level markings
• Easy to dismantle for cleaning
• Suitable for all vehicles fitted with AdBlue® tanks such as passenger vehicles, LCV, heavy vehicles etc
• Supplied with 410mm extension tube
• Note: It is recommended to dismantle and thoroughly clean syringe after each use as AdBlue® will crystallise when dry