Sutton H119 7Pce Set Bi Metal Impact Hex Holesaw Set H119S7

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SUTTON TOOLS® Impact Bi-Metal Holesaws are designed for drilling sheet metal with Impact Drivers and Drill/Drivers. With their 1/4"-Hex Shank, they mount securely into 1/4"-Hex Quick-Change Tool Holders.

These holesaws are suited to cut sheet metal up to 3 mm thick and are ideal for electrical installation, junction boxes, ducting and general sheet metal fabrication.

1/4"-Hex Shank - Suitable for use with Impact Drivers
Ejection Spring - Quickly ejects waste material
8TPI Thin Wall - For fast and burr free cutting
Stop Shoulder - Prevents pushing through material and over drilling
Bi-Metal HSS - Premium quality for toughness and longer life
7 x Impact Bi-Metal Holesaws
19 mm
22 mm
25 mm
29 mm
32 mm
35 mm
38 mm
Plastic Storage Case