Starrett Professional Butchers Knife 11 Piece Set- White BKK-11W

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• With our new line of professional hand knives, Starrett brings to butchers, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and food processing industry professional, hand knives with selected steel alloy, resulting in accurate cuts, longer life, with quality that you already know.

• Antimicrobial polypropylene comfort plus handles.
• Stainless Steel Blades
• Injection moulded ergonomic handles with Antimicrobial Sanitized protection
• Textured for maximum grip, optimum comfort, and easy clean
• Identifiable laser marked blades
• NSF certification
• Available in 1 colour (white) as MTO
• Special steel alloy for longer blade life, stain and rust resistance
• The guarantee of origin identification and traceability are further important advantages of the new Starrett® knives. With a tracking number laser stamped on the blades, Starrett® ensures knives can be identified from leaving the factory
• Uniquely sharpened angle for more precise impactful cuts
• 8 Knives
• Catch
• Striated Sharpening Steel
• Sharpening Stone
• Storage Case