Shinano 1/4" Industrial Mini Extended Die Grinder SI-SG20E-6LL

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Length: 62 mm
Height: 284 mm
Collet/Spindle Size: 1/4"
Free Speed: 28,000 RPM
Weight: 0.68 Kg
Noise Level: 77.5 DBA (88.5 Pwr)
Vibration A: 3.2 m/s2 K: 0.81 m/s2
Av Air Cons.: 2.5 CFM
Output: 180 Watts
• Compact extended die grinder designed for heavy duty applications
• High spec double ended ¼" collet ideal for large diameter of extended burrs
• Polymer body cover for increased vibration absorption
• 50 cm Silencer Hose and 1.35 m extended air line for reduced noise levels that also directs exaust air way from the work piece.
• Lever throttle with safety lock