Puncture Proof Turf Tread Wheel 16x5. - 5x8 PF1659-1BB

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Richmond Puncture Proof Turf Tread Wheel 16x5.5x8

 Diameter(MM): 400MM

Tyre Width(MM): 150MM

Boss Width(MM): 75MM

Tyre Size: 16×6.50×8

Tyre Tread Pattern: Turf

Axle Diameter: 1 Inch (25.4MM)

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Load Capacity(KG): 200

fully puncture proof foam filled wheels eliminates flat tyres and replacing tubes. High load capacities suited to hand trucks, nursery equipment, industrial and agricultural equipment. Combines the strength and stability of a solid rubber wheel with the smooth cushioned ride of a pneumatic wheel.