Castor Poly Ci Wheel 100mm 330kg capacity R4449

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Richmond Castor Poly Ci Wheel -330 capacity

Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Wheel Width: 38mm

Wheel Type: Polyurethane

Wheel Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Castor Height: 142mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 330kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 250kg

 Zinc plated to provide corrosion resistance, a grease nipple to maintain smooth operation and an industry leading swivel lock and brake design all combined with a 6mm baseplate thickness and welded forks that provide uncompromised strength and resistance to flexing. The 100mm Polyurethane Tyred Wheel Richmond Castor -The wheel features Ball Bearings and the diameter of the wheel is 100mm . The maximum capacity of this castor is 330kg. A rigid castor such as this one is generally used for straight line travel however when used with swivel castors, the load can be steered.

Item #R4449