Rapidstick RS-50 Liquid-Fix Construction Adhesive, 300ml Cartridge (Beige) 8-RS50BG-300

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Rapidstick™ RS-50 Liquid-Fix Construction Adhesive is a versatile, high quality ‘strong-as-nails’ adhesive, suitable for any high-stress construction or typical DIY project. It boasts exceptional bond strength, durability, and impact resistance, and is widely suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications using multiple substrates such as wood, concrete, bricks, and metal.
A popular choice amongst professionals and homeowners alike, RS-50 adheres to both porous and non-porous materials and has a low VOC content with no toxicity for environmental compatibility. Made with an odourless, non-flammable polyurethane base, it also contains no hazardous ingredients and is completely safe for handling. Curing occurs quickly, allowing for fast and efficient long term stability of bonded materials without the use of nails*.
Water and weather resistant, Liquid-Fix also resists mould and mildew and remains perfectly in place without discolouration, sagging, or weakening, and can be polished and painted after cure for a reliably clean and seamless finish.
Commonly used for bonding and securing wall and door panels, glass splashbacks, skirting boards, floorboards, tiles, aluminium banding, and various insulation materials.
Recommended bonding surfaces include (but are not limited to):
• All metals, including stainless steel and anodised aluminium
• Porcelain, ceramics, marble, and stoneware
• Concrete, masonry and bricks
• Glass and crystal
• Plastics** and rubbers
• Building materials such as MDF, plasterboard, particleboard, wet and dry timber, and finished wood
• Furniture fabrics such as leather and polyester
*Not suitable as the sole adherent in structural bonding
**Pre-test plastics to determine compatibility