Rapidstick 8518 Gasket Sealant (Contaminated Surfaces, Semi-Flex Bonding) 250ml 8518-250

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250ml tube
Rapidstick™ 8518 has an enhanced sealing capability on surfaces that may be contaminated with oils and greases. It is ideal for use on cast-iron, steel, and aluminium flanges, providing a semi-flexible seal between rigid connections such as transmissions and engine housings.
8518 has high chemical resistance and creates an instant low pressure seal upon application. It can be used as a formed-in-place gasket and will completely fill surface scratches and voids, creating an enhanced seal over irregular surfaces, with no threat of shrinking, creeping, or breaking.
Note: If the material is an inactive metal, or the cure speed is too slow, it is recommended to apply Rapidstick™ 8-3471 Anaerobic Adhesives Primer.