Rapidstick 8515 Gasket Sealant (Machined Surfaces, Flexible Bonding) 250 ml 8515-250

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250ml Tube
Rapidstick™ 8515 is specially formulated for machined metal flanges, allowing minor flexibility whilst maintaining a complete seal. It is ideal for pumps, thermostats, compressors, and transmission housings, and offers a fast cure for formed-in-place gaskets and gasket repairs.
8515 completely fills and eliminates surface scratches, voids, and other irregularities for a tighter and more stable seal, with no threat of shrinking, creeping, or breaking. It also maintains a chemical resistance to prevent the escape of fluids and gases over the life of the connection. Low pressure resistance is gained immediately after assembly of flanges.
Note: If the material is an inactive metal, or the cure speed is too slow, it is recommended to apply Rapidstick™ 8-3471 Anaerobic Adhesives Primer.