Pfred Polifan Flap Disc Zirconia - Steel Pfc 125 Z 36 Sgp-Strong 67788025

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POLIFAN¨ Flap Disc Zirconia - STEEL PFC 125 Z 36 SGP-STRONG

The patented design of the flap disc POLIFAN¨-STRONG, with its long, compactly arranged
flaps, introduces a whole new dimension in grinding. Extreme stock removal.

Advantages: Fast grinding through constant grinding, aggressiveness to the last abrasive grit, Highest economic value through greater performance per time unit, less wear on the disc and reduced set-up times, The greatest possible stock removal, Extremely long tool life.

The POLIFAN¨ STRONG is a high-performance tool with particularly high machining performance and maximum stock removal rates for demanding grinding work.

Abrasive: Zirconia alumina Z

Grit sizes: 36

Materials to be worked: Steel

Applications: Work on weld seams, chamfering, deburring
Disc Size mm / in:125 (5”)
Max rpm: 12,200