Pferd Low Speed Stationary Cut-Off Wheel Steel Stainless Steel 350mm 80 T 350-2.8 PSF CHOP STEELOX/25,4 66323575

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Low-Speed Stationary Cut-Off Wheel - GP - STEEL STAINLESS STEEL - 350mm (14")

A tool of hardness K, which cuts very easily, with a middle fabric. For aggressive cutting with minimized burr formation.
- Long tool life
- Fast cutting
- Low side friction
- For multipurpose cutting work
Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A
Materials to be worked: Steel & INOX Stainless Steel
Cutting of solid material, sections and pipes
Recommendations for use:
- Provides exceptional cutting results on drive
systems with up to 3 kW output
Suits Disc Size mm / in:350 (14”)
Thickness mm:2.8
Max rpm: 4,300
Bore: 25.4mm