PFERD Cut-Off Wheel TRADIE PACK- 10pk - Classic Steelox (5") 125mm x 1mm 69902634

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Cut-Off Wheel TRADIE PACK 10pk Ultra Thin PSF Classic Steelox GP (5") 125mm x 1mm

ULTRA-THIN Cut Off Wheels designed for the trades person in mind

A thin disc designed for use with a 125mm (5") angle grinders, either powered or cordless. A great thin cutting wheel with good performance results.

Up close the PFERD thin cut off disc looks a little different. In your hands, these wheels feel thin, very flat and precise. Light to handle with a smooth finish that's comfortable. 

When using these cut-off wheels one of the first things you notice is how easily it cuts through steel and stainless steel. You can apply pressure or let your hand guide the wheel with the weight of the angle grinder. The result is a precise cut with very little burr formation.