PFERD Chainsaw Sharpener 18600742

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Chain Saw Filing - CHAIN SHARP¨ CS-X Chain Saw Sharpener

The new generation of CHAIN SHARP¨ chain saw sharpeners features an improved file position, optimized shape and easier operation. PFERD offers the chain saw sharpener CHAIN SHARP¨ CS-X in four designs that are adapted
to the various chain pitches, which guarantees the highest level of precision and optimal sharpening results. The file has a sharpening angle of 30¡.

The chain saw sharpener consists of:
- one sharpening device
- one depth gauge file
- two chain saw files

- No time-consuming conversion, change from left to right tooth by turning the device
- Optimized shape for precise control
- Files are replaced easily due to the improved design

Sharpener comes in a transparent reusable dirt-proof protective plastic pouch, completed with detailed instructions for use.