Peerless Black 2000 - 1.1Hp Motor 65Lpm @ 100Psi, Max 145Psi 9L Tank Oil-Less Air Compressor PB2000 Pre Order

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This super light weight and super quiet Air Compressor is the ultimate builders’ choice when wanting a framing Air Compressor.
Producing 65 Litres Per Minute of Free Air Delivery this can be used for intermittent air tools and not continuous use. The PB2000 does what it is designed for exceptionally well however in cases where more air is needed such as coil nailer we recommend stepping up to a belt driven PB14000. Slow revving at 1350RPM drawing 6AMP's compared to most other direct drives at 2850RPM drawing 8+AMP's.
This model has Heavy Duty Teflon technology (Made in USA) fitted to get the maximum use and performance from the Air Compressor. On average 2000+ hours before requiring a service.
It's light weight design makes it easy to carry around from job to job along with its compact design being able to be stored a lot easier than the conventional air compressor on a tank. Available in three configurations ranging from the standard 9L, Tubie 5L and the XL boasting a 24L air receiver with fitted electronic auto drain.
Best suited for framing guns, car tyre inflation or the odd job to blow out.