Milwaukee Cobalt Step Drill Bit Set 4-20mm/6-35mm 2 Piece 48899398

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The Milwaukee Cobalt Step Drill Bits are engineered with a Cobalt Base Material and Aluminium Chromium Nitride (AlCrN) coating for 10x more life vs. Milwaukee standard step drill bits. Featuring the RAPID STRIKE™ Tip helps provide accurate starts without walking whilst generating less heat for faster penetration. For added accuracy and convenience, easy stop, laser etched identification and a durable 3-flat SECURE GRIP™ shank helps maximises performance from application to application. Made in the USA with global materials, Milwaukee's Cobalt Step Drill Bits are optimised for low speed use in Stainless Steel and high speed use in mild steel.

Cobalt Step Drill Bit 4-20mm
Cobalt Step Drill Bit 6-35mm