Metrinch Socket Set 1/2" Drive 17Pc MET-0420

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METRINCH sockets feature a unique patented design that allows you to grip both metric, imperial and whitworth nuts and bolts all with the one socket.
This unique patented design allows this 17 piece socket set to replace 58 conventional metric Imperial and whitworth sockets saving you not only carrying more tools but also the cost of buying extra tools.
Made From chrome vanadium steel the sockets are trade quality and made to last.
Metrinch's unique jaw design will even grip worn and rounded nuts and bolts saving frustration when trying to remove damaged fasteners.
• Features and Specs
• Patented design
• Made from CRV
• Grips Metric, imperial and whitworth fasteners
• Grips Rounded and damaged nuts and bolts
• This 25 piece set equals a 53 piece conventional set
• 1/4" Drive Accessories: 150mm (6") spinner handle, 3/8" & 1/4" adaptor, 50mm (2") extension bar, universal joint, finger ratchet
• 3/8" Drive Accessories: 21mm & 13/16" spark plug socket, 16mm & 5/8" spark plug socket, quick release reversible ratchet, 150mm (6") extension bar, universal joint