MaxiGuard Half Mask Silicone Painters Kit R7500PK-L

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MaxiGuard Painters Kit is the economical choice when you require respiratory protection from harmful fumes. Includes A1P2 Cartridges. Conveniently packed in a resealable storage container, providing protection for the respirator and filters. The kit comes packaged in a Re-usable & Sealable container ready for use!
SIZE: Large
Note: Not to be used when spraying isocyanate based paints

Product Features
Comfortable silicone mask
Easy to clean and maintain
Easy to wear, fully adjustable harness
Low profile slim design
Twin filter designs provides lower breathing resistance
Balanced fit and clear field of vision
Simple, secure bayonet filter attachment system
Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012

Kit Contains:
1 x R7500 Half Face Respirator
2 x R701 - A1 Gas Filters
2 x R7N11-P2 - P2 PreFilters
3 x Hygiene Alcohol Wipes for cleaning mask
Re-usable, Sealable and Food-Grade container for storage