Mack Shift Zip-Up Safety Boots Color Honey Only MK0SHIFTZHHF-1

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 Mack Shift Zip-Up Safety Boots - Sizes 7-12 - Color - Honey 

 Product Description

The Mack Workwear Shift Zip Boot is a low-cut hiker style lace-up ankle boot with an industrial grade zipper, so you dont have to worry about tying up laces everday. This popular comfortable boot is a great choice for warehouse staff, construction workers and courier drivers.
Safety Features:

Steel toecap

Slip resistant

150°C Heat Resistant

Fuel oil resistant


Designed to shed water

Zip Closure

Scuff Cap

Other Features:

heel shaped to match the natural heel strike position during walking to maximize contact area

ADAP Truss

Decouble Groove

Wide anatomical shaped toecap to reduce rubbing and nerve impingement


Construction Workers

Courier Drivers

Warehouse Staff



Colours Available-Honey