Mack Octane Zip Up Safety Boots Honey or Black Size 4-14 MKOCTANEZHHF090

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 Mack Octane Zip Up Safety Boots - Sizes 7-12 - Colors Honey or  Black 

Product Description

The combination of electrical HAZARD certification and the performance features of the ADAPT™ Range makes the Octane Zip ideal for electricians and construction workers that work on uneven surfaces and can be exposed to electric currents. Zip closure provides easy access and a quick exit in emergencies.

Safety Features:

Composite toe cap

Slip resistant

300°c heat resistant nitrile rubber sole

Fuel oil resistant sole

Electrical hazard protection

Water resistant

Scuff cap

Low catch sole


Other Features:

Zip closure provides easy access and a quick exit in emergencies

Registered fitting guide printed on the insole to indicate the correct spacing between the end of the longest toe and the toecap

Constructed on cushioned foam insole board for a smooth ride




Airport friendly

Height: 160mm

Weight: 670g

Colours Available:

Honey or Black