Loctite SI 5075- Insulating & Amp Sealing Wrap Black SI 5075

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Self-fusing silicone rubber wrap for temporary repairs on flexible hoses and pipes. Resistant to UV light, salt water, fuels and acids.
LOCTITE® SI 5075 is a non-sticky, self-fusing, multi-purpose wrap for tape-based repair situations. Offering a tensile shear strength of 50 kg/cm², the tape stretches to three times its size and seals instantly. It is resistant to UV, salt water, fuels and acids. LOCTITE SI 5075 also offers dielectric strength up to 15kV/mm and a service temperature range of -54 to +260°C.
Reliable, temporary repairs on a variety of substrates
Sealing and insulating silicone rubber wrap
Resistant to UV, salt water, fuels and acids