Kincrome Tyre Repair Kit 53 Piece K8066

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Ever had a flat tyre and wished you could repair it on the go? The practical Kincrome 52 Piece Tyre Repair Kit is handy for storing in the vehicle for those trips away or unwanted road side emergency.

Able to temporarily repair all types of tubeless tyres, the tyre repair kit is quick, simple and easy to use with repair time in around 15 minutes. The Tyre Repair Kit allows simple on vehicle repairs with no need to remove the wheel and can even be repaired on an incline.

The Tyre Repair Kit is ideal for repairing vehicles including sedans, utes, vans, 4WD's, caravans, motorbikes, trailers and many other vehicles. The Kincrome 52 Piece Tyre Repair Kit includes all the tools you need for repairing the tyre all housed in a convenient blow mould case.
It's quick simple and easy to repair a tyre and be back on the road.

Step 1:
Locate puncture hole on tyre. Use Reamer to clean out dirt/debris. Use a pair of pliers if necessary to clean up and remove any shreds.
Step 2:
Lubricate the Reamer, with the included lubricant.
Step 3:
Push it through the hole to clear a path all the way through the tyre and separate the steel belts.
Step 4:
Push one end of the repair plug through the eye of the needle until there is an even amount of the plug on either side.
Step 5:
Push the needle all the way through the hole, plug end first, until the T-handle is all the way down.
Step 6:
Pull the handle up and away from the tyre while holding the disc in place. Plug should stay in the hole and seal it. Re-inflate the tyre to the desired pressure.
• This is a temporary fix only. The tyre should be taken to a tyre repair shop as soon as possible
• Use only one repair cord per hole
• Use only on tubeless tyres
• Always wear eye protection when repairing tyres
• Never repair a tyre that has been driven under inflated for long periods or that shows signs of structural damage, e.g. exposed belts, sidewall separation
• Always wear eye protection