Kincrome Reversible Gear Spanner 10mm K030033

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The Kincrome Gear Spanner has all the benefits of standard spanners and more. The strong fine gear ratcheting ring end needs as little as 5° of sweep to move fastener, a standard fixed ring end needs a minimum of 30°, or 6 times the area. The narrow and thin head, combined with fine gear tooth design makes the Kincrome Gear Spanner suitable for working in tight and hard to access areas where a ratchet and socket will not fit.

 Size                                                            10MM

Length                                                      158MM

Offset                                                        13

Finish                                                        Mirror Polish

Type                                                          Combination

Material                                                    Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V)

Standard                                                  ASME & DIN

Item # K030033