Kincrome Multi-Tool 14 Function K6160

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With the Kincrome 14 function Multi-Tool the possibilities are endless. It features 3 full size blades, a full size file, spring loaded pliers, phillips and slotted screwdrivers and more. What's better is every tools locks into place, so there's no more fiddling trying to keep the tools out while in use. This multi-tool is an all in one solution, no need to carry individual pairs of pliers, a knife or a file, this has it all in one. It's perfect for if you're on the jobsite and need something that can do a bit of everything, or you're out in the bush and need a tool that can get you out of any sticky situation.


  • Every tool locks
    • 3 x full length blades
    • Access all tools from the outside
    • Butterfly style opening
    • Spring loaded pliers
    • Pouch included


• Long nose pliers
• Curved jaw pliers
• Wire cutters
• Serrated blade
• Saw
• Smooth blade
• File
• Can opener
• Bottle opener
• Small Slotted screwdriver
• Large Slotted screwdriver
• Phillips screwdriver
• Hang hole
• Reamer