Kincrome Hand Riveter 2.4,3.2,4.0,4.8 CL750

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The CL750 Riveter offers a lightweight but strong cast aluminium body with a high leverage Chrome Molybdenum (Cr-MO) handle so you can apply additional force to the larger/harder rivets without fear of breaking the handle.

The riveter has a long nose design so you can install rivets in tight or hard to reach areas, on board storage for the four different sized nozzles, an integrated nozzle/jaw spanner holder, an ergonomically designed grip and tough hardened jaws that can be used with both Aluminium and Stainless Steel rivets, unlike many entry level rivet guns.

  • Cast Aluminium Body
  • Cr-MO Handle
  • Triple Moulded Grips
  • Four Interchangeable Nozzles (2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8mm)
  • Spanner with Spanner holder
  • Weight 0.5kg

Length                                                      265MM

Thickness                                                 22MM

Width                                                        80MM