KINCROME Floor Fan MOBILE DRUM Fan 900mm (36") KP1009 Pre-Order Now

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• Industrial Fan
• 2 Speed, 3 Wide Aluminium Blades
• 450W Induction Motor
• 300m3/min Air Delivery
• Wheels for easy Manoeuvrability
• Adjustable Tilt
• Noise Level 83 dB
• Complies to AS/NZS & Climate T Approvals
• Heavy Duty Grills & Construction
• Comes Fully Assembled

The 900mm (36”) Industrial Mobile Drum Fan is packed with features to assist and help you get the job done comfortably.

Features such as an energy efficient induction motor, 2 speed switch, high velocity air flow, heavy duty constructed frames, drum & safety grills, 3 wide aluminium blades, tiltable drum & wheels to make it easy to manoeuvre around the workplace.

With a whopping air velocity of 300m³ per minute this unit is perfectly suited to ventilating small to medium areas inside.

The tiltable drum body enables you to position the fan where needed and tilt the fan body allowing you to ventilate almost any area you need.

The heavy duty wheels mean you can roll or manoeuvre the fan from the workshop, shed, garage or work vehicle straight to where you need to ventilate, avoiding the need to carry a heavy fan leading to potential injury.

The fan comes fully assembled and ready to go straight from the box which means no down time having to assemble it once you get home.