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The Kincrome 1,000kg Vertical Transmission Jack is designed predominantly as a support tool when installing and removing transmissions, featuring a hydraulic foot pedal system with smooth lift and descent. It features a universal mounting head that provides a tilt range of 7-12° forwards, backwards and to the side, as well as a manually operated hydraulic system with smooth lift and descent. Built to accommodate both large and small transmissions, this unit is ideal for use with FWD, RWD and 4WD cars or light trucks, offering a wide range of versatility. The wide base, 4-leg design offers safety, security and stability when removing and installing transmissions. It is enhanced by the heavy-duty cast iron swivel castors, providing easy maneuverability when under load. Kincrome Transmission Jacks incorporate high-quality seals, materials and design to ensure that they can stand up to professional use.
• 1,000kg working load limit
• Dual stage transmission jack
• Industrial workshop quality
• Takes the hard work and danger out of transmission removals and installations
• Suits FWD, RWD and 4WD light cars or trucks
• Adjustable transmission saddle and safety chains
• Steering handle for effortless maneuverability
• Wide 4-leg base gives ultimate stability
• Heavy duty cast iron swivel castors
Rated Capacity 1,000kg
Lift Height 985mm
Height Raised 1,905mm
Height Lowered 920mm
First Stage Ram Stroke 505mm
Second Stage Ram Stroke 480mm
Saddle Tilt 7-12?
Base Dimensions 660 x 660mm
Saddle Size 280 x 280 x 165mm
Weight 74kg
Second Stage Ram Stroke 490mm
Warranty 2 Years
Saddle Size 280 x 280 x 165mm
Base Dimensions 650 x 650mm
First Stage Ram Stroke 545mm