Kincrome 426 Piece 6 Drawer Off-Road Field Service Kit BLK K1280 Pick Up In Store

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Our new Off-Road Field Service boxes have been designed by Kincrome to withstand tough working conditions and Australia's harsh elements. made from heavy gauge steel and a protective roll cage make this a must for the serious tradie. Color - Black

Our Off-Road range includes integrated feet for forklift purposes and mounting points to secure on vehicles. Side tie down anchors for temporary fixing makes transportation easy, with lifting and hoisting facilities on the roll cage where rated hoist straps can be used with forklift, crane or hoist.

Weather Resistant & Lock
Fitted with corrosion resistant stainless-steel hardware, a weather resistant lid and rubber sealed drawer flap to reduce water ingress. All drawers are secure with a locking mechanism built in and added security with a T-Handles Lock.