IMEX LRX10 Red & Green Beam Digital Millimeter Detector with Bracket 012-LRX10

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Take the guess work out of levelling with the mm reading Imex detectors. Up to 0.5mm reading in up to a 90mm window. The Imex Digital Detectors range increases your accuracy and efficiency.
• 90mm Detection Window
• Red or Green beam pick-up
• 0.5mm up to 10.00mm reading increments
• Heavy Duty, Waterproof and Shockproof
• Made in Germany
• Detection Window: 90mm +30 to -30
• Range: 300m Radius
• Detectable Spectrum: Red, Green Laser
• Resolution:
o Fine: 1.0mm
o Medium: 2.0mm
o Course: 5.0mm
o Ultra course: 10.0mm
• Magnets: 2 x Topface
• Drop test on concrete: 1.5m Height
• Waterproof, Shockproof Rating: IP67