FastAid Needle Safe 360 Gloves First Aid Gloves Puncture Resistance Size 10 GAS400/10

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• Needle-Safe gloves are patented sharps handling gloves that are lined with a new generation material that is essentially very closely woven Aramid & Kevlar fibers coated with a tough nitrile coating on the top side. This material is renowned for providing excellent puncture resistance to surface materials.
• Designed to protect hands from hazards such as very fine punctures like syringes, very fine glass splinters, barbed and razor-sharp wires.
• Needle-Safe gloves bring peace of mind to all users. They are very highly rated for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture.
o Abrasion 3 (out of 4 levels)
o Cut 5 (out of 5 levels)
o Tear 4 (out of 4 levels)
o Puncture 4 (out of 4 levels)
• Easy on, easy off. Easy hook & loop fastening tabs for ultimate comfort, adjustability, and ease of fitting.
• Unrivaled 360-degree protection. Tested to EN388 on palm only but the same patented material is used all over the glove to give protection on the palm, fingers and on the back of the hand.
• 3 layer protection and performance system:
• Testing & Certification: Needle-Safe 360 gloves have been tested and certified to norms RD 1407/1992, EN420 : 2003 and EN388 : 2003. Listed under CE CATEGORY 2
• 1 X Pair of Black Needle Safe 360 Gloves- SIZE 10