CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover 500ml 8270 Pick Up in Store

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CRC Stuff Off - gets stuff off! A powerful cleaner/remover that is designed to soften or dissolve most adhesives and paints as well as uncured laminating resins and uncured sealants. The gel formula clings to the surface making it also ideal for vertical applications. It also removes paint spills, graffiti, inks and grease.-Pick Up in store Only


Apply CRC Stuff Off to the affected area. Contaminant to be removed will determine the length of contact time. Fresh paint 15-30 seconds. Cured adhesive up to 15 minutes. 1. Read entire label before use. 2. Spray directly onto the contaminant to be removed, ensuring to wipe off over spray to avoid potential damage to painted surface. 3. Leave for the minimum time required to affect the removal. 4. Methods of removal may include wiping, scraping, water blasting or picking off. 5. Repeat entire process if necessary.


Ideal for use on: Metal, Wood, Fabric, Carpet, Stone, Brick, Steel Effectively removes: Adhesives, Paints, Graffiti, Inks, Resins, Grease, Uncured sealants Gel formula can be sprayed onto tools and surfaces with minimal overspray