Beaver Grade 70 Transport Load Chain Kit With Grab Hooks on Each End 8mm Chain LC 3800kg 145128 Pick up In store

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Beaver Grade 70 Transport Load Chain Kit With Hooks
- Grade 70 load chain kit with winged grab hooks
- Zinc Di-chromate (gold finish) complies to AS/NZS 4344
- Chain size: 8mm
- Chain length: 9m
- Lashing capacity: 3,800kg
- Weight: 13.6kg.

Safety Features:

• Manufactured from heat treated carbon steel, in accordance with AS/NZS 4344
• Beaver G70 chain has undergone stringent testing and quality control
• All chain and fittings are clearly marked Grade 70 with lashing capacity and size of chain
• The yellow chromate (gold) plating makes it easily recognisable from a distance
Other Features:

• Zinc Di-chromate (gold finish)
• Supplied in convenient resealable poly buckets for immediate use and easy storage

• Primarily used in lashing applications to tie down loads on transport equipment