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Beaver chain blocks are designed for use on monorails, jibs fixed installations and for maintenance use. They are to be used for vertical lifts only. If they are side loaded or used horizontally, jamming of the loader chain and damage to the blocks may occur. This product features a double pawl and double roller guide for enhanced performance and reliability, as well as a unique curling design which enables the hand chain to successfully feed directly into the wheel sprocket. 

The Beaver 3S industrial chain block has improved reinforced side covers, made from heavy duty steel to ensure full protection of the vital gears, shafts, and bearings. The load chain is made of high resistance Grade 80 alloy steel that has a black finish, is heat treated, and is calibrated and marked according to ISO 3077 and ISO 1834. Beaver 'ID' plates and rivets are supplied in stainless steel (a non-conductive material) in order to avoid dangerous sparking, making them ideal for underground mining. 


Rated Capacity: 1000kg
Colour Code: Violet
Standard Lift Metre: 3m
No. of load chain falls: 1
Effort to lift full load: 250kg
Headroom H: 376mm
Diameter of load chain: 6x18mm
A: 151mm
B: 172mm
C: 32mm
Net Weight: 12.5kg