B-Safe All Purpose Fall Arrest Harness with Side D Rings and 2M Lanyard BH01112

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Full Body Harness c/w Front and Rear Fall Arrest attachment points, waist belt f/w side Dee’s and an integrated energy absorbing lanyard.

Safety Features:

• Energy Absorber
• Zinc plated forged side Dee rings
• Zinc plated forged 2 bar 3 bar buckles
• Zinc plated forged rear Dee with stand out feature
• Lanyard comes complete with snap hook fitted with anti roll-out device
• Comes complete with integrated 2m energy absorbing webbing lanyard
• Fully adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps, affords a secure fi t and optimal comfort
• Rear breathable mesh panel, allows the harness to take shape and affords easy donning
• Harnesses and lanyards are proof loaded and given a dedicated final inspection process prior to release
• Forged Buckles and a forged rear Dee provide the optimum level of safety, providing strength and a better protection over stamped alternatives. Also minimises “creep” of the harness under normal wearing
Other Features:

• Colour fast webbing
• Adjustable waist belt
• Labelling fully protected by Clear PVC
• 44mm Black and yellow polyester webbing
• Double action snap hooks fi tted with anti roll out device
• Webbing lanyard affords a light weight yet durable, performance
• Front loops parking position, enable the fall arrest rated attachment points to be secured (via Velcro), away for convenience and comfort
• Sub-pelvic strap prevents harness “peeling off” in the event of a fall providing enhanced safety, and assists with distributing the forces from a fall