Austsaw RaiderX Metal Blade 185mm x 20 x 36T MBR1852036

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RAIDERX Metal blades exhibit maximum performance in metal cutting applications. Featuring cermet tips this blade has 3x the life of its competitors.

  • 185mm (7-1/4'') x 36 Teeth
  • 20mm Bore with 16mm Bush
  • 0 Degree rake , 1.4mm Kerf
  • Max Cut Thickness 6mm , Use with Cordless Saw
  • Premium cemented carbide tips give exceptional life and clean, cool cutting in metal
  • Blade designed with laser cut slits for noise reduction
  • Super thin kerf design delivers a smooth and sharp cut
  • Advanced tooth geometry improves balance and stability in a straight running cut
  • General purpose cutting includes angle, c-channel, stud, pipe, plate tube and rebar
  • Japanese blade technology