SOLCUT QLB2 Soluble Cutting Fluid

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Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 can be used in a wide range of applications, from brass and aluminium machining in large transfer systems to machining steel in small single sump machines.

Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 is a semi-synthetic biostable machining and grinding fluid forming transparent emulsions, which may become semi-translucent in hard water. Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 combines the cleanliness and detergency of synthetic products without the sticky residues often encountered with such products.

Use Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 at concentrations varying between 2% and 5% depending on the machining application but in general grinding is satisfactory at 2% concentration and other machining applications require between 3% and 4% concentration. For brass machining, good results have been had at concentrations of 6% and for aluminium 10%.

Benefits of Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2:

  • Emulsions of Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 are non-staining to aluminium.
  • Excellent ferrous corrosion protection.
  • Offers increased cleanliness and longer sump life.
  • For emulsions using Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 under normal conditions, 90% of any tramp oil will float out over a week-end shutdown. This enables the tramp oil to be readily removed and thus further extends the sump life of the emulsion.
  • In common with the rest of Hi-Tec’s biostable cutting fluids, Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 emulsions can readily be split with conventional effluent treatment techniques, thus minimizing disposal costs.


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