PIX INDUSTRIAL RIBBED / POLY-V BELTS – Fire Resistant Antistatic Belts




  • Conforms to: II 2GD c IIB X (Test report no. IB-03-4-934) – ATEX
  • Temperature range: -25˚C to +100˚C
  • Ensures high level of protection against fire hazards
  • Fire resistance test results of flame & glow time period is lower than the desired 5 seconds, maximum time as per BS 3790 standard
  • ATEX values of electrical resistance are approximately 10-15 times more stringent than ISO 1813, leading to a more safer drive
  • Resistance to emit inflammable substances while in operation
  • Damage free and crack resistance properties to ensure smooth operation
  • Longer service life
  • Dimensional stability
Product Range
Section : PJ, PK, PL, PM


Coal mines, fire prone areas, petrochemical installations etc.


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