Loctite 263 Stud Lock High Strength Threadlocker 250ml

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Loctite® 263 High Strength Threadlocker is a Versatile, high strength liquid threadlocker. Reliably locks and seals metal fasteners up to 1 in. Engineered to cure consistently on a variety of metals, despite minor surface contaminants. Works on steel, stainless steel and most plated fasteners. Tolerates thread lubrication, corrosion protection anti-fluids. Rated for 360°F (180°C). Heat required for removal.


  • High performance on various metals.
  • Improved temperature resistance (180°C).
  • Improved oil resistance.

Technical Data:

Passive metals cure, oil tolerance and high-temperature performance
Typical applications: Replaces Loctite® 270 and Loctite® 271 formulations
Viscosity: 400/600Cp
Cure Time: Fixture – 5 min Full – 24 hrs
Break torque: 23N.m
Prevail torque: 33 N.m


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