Loctite 222 Low Strength Threadlocker

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Recommended for low strength threadlocking of adjustment screws, countersunk head screws, and set screws; on collars, pulleys, tool holders, and controllers. Also for low strength metals such as aluminium or brass.
Fastener Size: up to 36mm (M12)
Colour: Purple
Strength: Low
Cure Time (Fixture/Full Strength)*: 20 min. / 24 hr.
Breakaway/Prevail Torque lb.in. (N.m): 120°C (14)
Temperature Range: -45°C to +150°C
Recommended Primer: 7471/7088
Disassembly Method: Hand Tool
Package Size & IDH: 10 ml bottle – 471660
50 ml bottle – 231499
250 ml bottle – 1496888


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