Euca Laundry Soaker – 1kg, 2kg, 4kg or 10kg



Euca Soaker Laundry Brightener

Made with pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil
Low Sudsing & soil release agents
Helps clean and deodorise
Low allergenic for those with sensitive skin
Pre-wash stain remover
Ideal in Hot or Cold water
Add into normal wash for extra brightness for whites and colours
Removes stubborn soils & stains
Suitable for septic, bio and grey water systems


More information;

Soaker is an Australian made high quality concentrate laundry soaker powder suitable for all fabrics, colours & stains. Use as a pre-wash or as an overnight soaker or simply add to your wash to bring back whites and make colours bolder and brighter.

Gives your fabric a boost without the use of harsh and harmful chlorine. Just like our Euca Laundry Powder and Liquid, our Soaker is 100% soluble making it faster acting than other brands. Euca Soaker gets to work quickly to ensure you get the best results with 100% active ingredients.

Natural eucalyptus oil helps deodorise and sanitise without the need for synthetic perfumes which is major trigger for those with skin or bronchial sensitivities.

Euca Soaker Laundry Brightener also removes stubborn stains on carpets, upholstery & work clothes.

Euca Soaker is a premium brightener made with high quality ingredients sourced locally


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