Double row ball roller bearings in O arrangement



Series BXRO

  • Increase in performance compared with series 32 ball bearing because of up to 50 % more rolling elements
  • Increased rating life

Improved Performance and Higher Bearing Accuracy: Competition for Bearings with Split Inner Rings

Ball roller bearings series BXRO are double row bearings whose rows of rolling elements are in an O arrangement. They can thus support both radial and axial forces.

In comparison to series 32 ball bearings, up to 50% more rolling elements can be fitted in these ball roller bearings due to the innovative assembly method, which enables higher basic load ratings in the same space.

The advantages of the BXRO compared with the 33 series (three ring bearings) lie in the simplified assembly as well as the increased bearing accuracy due to the optimized raceway geometry and the single-piece inner ring.

Bearing designation d D B ØRE Z C C0
Ball bearing 3207 35 72 27 11,112 9 39 000 N 28 500 N
Ball roller bearing BXRO207 35 72 27 11,112 14 52 000 N 44 500 N

ØRE = Diameter of rolling elements, Z = Number of rolling elements


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