Deep Groove Ball Bearings – Generation C



Generation C – The new standard for deep groove ball bearings

50 per cent less noise and 35 per cent less friction – with Generation C FAG is setting a new standard for deep groove ball bearings. One of the main reasons for the significant improved performance are the optimized osculation of the rolling elements on the rings, high ball quality and improved raceway surfaces. For example, the alterations include the more efficient HRS sealing as well as the riveted steel cage. In total, these design changes enable applications to operate much more quietly, increased efficiency and higher speeds. The operating life increases while at the same time the energy consumption is significantly reduced.

50 percent less noise – Cut noise levels with FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings
The main requirements placed on modern deep groove ball bearings are optimum vibration behaviour and low running noise without any limitations on speed, load carrying capacity and operating life. We analysed the causes of noise using the most up-to-date testing methods. Our findings helped us to completely improve the internal design of the bearing and this is how the new Generation C of FAG deep groove ball bearings came into being.

35 percent less friction – Cut energy consumption with FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are characterized by particularly low frictional torque and are also especially suitable for high speeds. By using improved manufacturing methods, we have improved the surfaces of raceways by making them “smoother” and have optimized the osculation, in order to lower the friction even further. Low-friction FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings.

Robust, reliable and durable – Increase operating life with FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings
The seal prevents contamination or moisture from entering the bearing and keeps the grease inside the bearing. Sealed FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings offer the perfect balance between friction and sealing action. They are greased for life with high-quality grease and are also suitable for high speeds, depending on the seal type. The star of the show is the new HRS lip seal made of nitrile butadiene rubber. At high speeds in particular, this seal has lower friction and generates less heat than the previous RSR seal. The effectiveness of the sealing action has also been increased

The range
FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings are available in outer diameters from 26 to 90 millimetres. They are available with riveted steel cages as standard or with polyamide cages on request. You will find all other technical details about FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings in the Technical Product Information


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