Chemzoil/Neoprene Glove – M, L, XL (1 pair)

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  • 100% neoprene multi-layer construction
  • Superior chemical resistance against acids and alkalis, such as concentrated hydrofluoric acid, oils and greases
  • Pebbled embossing for better grip on wet and slippery objects
  • Thermal insulation from the cotton-knit lining for handling hot liquids
  • Anatomical shape offers excellent fit and exceptional comfort
  • The pre-curved fingers provide unrivalled freedom of movement for this high-risk chemical protection glove


  • Surface treatment of metals (acids)
  • Handling acids such as Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Etching /degreasing
  • Handling battery acid
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Chemical transport/handling Industry
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • Refinery and Petroleum plants surface treatment


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