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Peerless PHP15 High Pressure Fatboy, 300LPM, 15AMP Belt Driven Air Compressor 00105 Pre-Order

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Peerless PHP15 High Pressure Fatboy, 300LPM, 15AMP Belt Driven Air Compressor 00105 Pick Up

The PHP15 is a 3.5HP two stage high pressure compressor is capable of truck tyre inflation with ease. These machines are fantastic for applications where large volumes of air where high pressure is required.

We set the manufacturing operating pressure of this unit with a 120PSI cut-in to a 140PSI cut-out.

The 2065T Pump is capable of a maximum pressure of 175PSI. When adjusting any settings outside the manufacturing standards set by Peerless Products you must consult a Peerless Products technician on 03 5434 4200.

The advantages of a two stage compressor is that you do not lose volume of air at higher pressure. The air temperature is some 40% cooler than the standard type of air compressor therefore producing less condensation. These models come with all the standard features as the P17 and P14.

This high pressure compressor has all the performance and standard features as the standard PHP15 but is mounted on a 110 litre horizontal air receiver with pallet feet. These models are very popular in workshops where there is only single phase power available. Note: this model is also available with a three phase motor (refer to the 3 Phase section code 00125).



  • Air Delivery 300 LPM @ 150PSI
  • Cylinders 3
  • Max PSI 175 (PUMP)
  • Motor Electric 3.5HP
  • Pump Peerless 2065T High Pressure
  • Pump RPM 1132
  • Power Supply 15 AMP
  • Amps Draw 13
  • Tank Size 110L
  • Dimensions L x W x H 1300MM x 400MM x 840MM
  • Weight 112KG
  • Portable / Stationary Stationary
  • Regulator Included? No
  • Pump Up Time To 100 PSI 30 - 2.35 MIN
  • Pump Warranty 5 Year
  • Motor Warranty 1 Year

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