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Loctite 561 Thread sealant Controlled Strength 19g Stick 561-019G/LOCTITE



White, semi-solid methacrylate stick thread sealant, ideal toolbox product for all metal fittings that won’t spill or leak. NSF approved.
LOCTITE® 561 is an white, semi-solid methacrylate thread sealant stick, an ideal toolbox product for maintenance and repair that won’t spill or leak. Fast, reliable curing on metal, tapered pipe threads and fittings with a thread size up to M80/R3”; its breakaway torque rating is 2Nm. This is a low strength product for easy disassembly. Service temperature is from -55 to +150ºC; NSF approved.
Won’t spill or leak
Easily portable
Provides instant low pressure seal
Doesn’t creep, shrink or block systems
NSF approved
Low disassembly strength

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